GSoC 2015 starting soon

I’m a lucky devil!</br></br> This summer I’m gonna work on AutoMan Monitoring and Debugging Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA project proposed by PLASMA @ Umass.

University of Massachusetts Amherst seal black.svg ###About GSoC What is Google Summer of Code?</br> *GSoC is an annual, global program run by Google.*</br> This program offers students to write code for various open source projects. Students are paired with mentors from chosen projects, thus gaining valuable coding experience and exposure to real-world software development projects. Google is paying for this amazing job, they present participants with scholarships. ###Me & GSoC Last year my friend told me about GSoC'14, it was very interesting. He was working for [OpenStreetMap]( project. This day was my turning point. I decided to take part in GSoC.</br> Almost 9 months later GSoC'15 announced that I am in!</br> It's a long story behind me, behind AutoMan Debugger Project and behind the whole recruitment process. I promise to write it down one day!</br> Now I see how much all these things are fascinating. What's best, this is still the very beginning of the long journey. I find GSoS as a good possibility for young developers who want to do something cool during the summer. By the way, just look at the abstract to my [GSoC'15 Proposal]( >GSoC is a thing that I have been always dreaming of. It is a unique opportunity to work with the best. Coding for GSoC will give me a huge experience. Projects proposed in GSoC are kind different from usual projects. I find them as important additions to the main projects, they are always open for discussion. IntelliJ IDEA and Scala are my favourite coding tools. This project will be an excellent example of connection between passion and doing something useful for the others. As I mentioned before, there are many interesting things connected with GSoC, all of them are worth to be discussed. </br> ![AutoMan Intellij](/images/automan_intellij.png) Okay guys, I can talk a lot, but... AutoMan source code is waiting for me! See you :) </br> ***

Written on May 20, 2015