Google Summer Of Code 2015


AutoMan Intellij Debugger - visual revolution

AID is a tool designed for AutoMan developers. It is a debugger, it’s main task is to show current AutoMan program state. Data must be shown more accurate than just a human-readable hundreds of debug lines. So this is why AID is called a visual debugger.

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Coding IntelliJ Plugin in Scala - first steps

I’m not surprised if IntelliJ IDEA is your favourite IDE. If so, you must have been thinking many times how it is made. There are many things you must cover to understand it well, e.g., Virtual Files, Threading Rules, PSI Files, Actions, etc., but have you ever wondered if it possible to imporve your best IDE using Scala language?

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Getting into AutoMan

Earlier this week I showed you how to use MTurk Sandbox, I did it via their web site. But it’s not the point of the sandbox idea. I promised you to show you how to take more advantage of this sandbox system. Today I’m gonna call MTurk Sandbox API exactly from AutoMan code.

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Sandbox, what is Sandbox in fact?

Have you ever heard about the sandbox term in a software development context? If not, this is the article exactly for you, nevertheless, if you know some sandboxes, this post introduces another one, maybe a new one for you.

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